Books that will Break your Money Myths!

These Books will change the way you think about money!

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad is the story of two fathers of which one is having a degree and doing a job and the other one is a school dropout.
  • It shows how these two people think differently about money. The poor will always say something like ‘’ I can’t afford that’’ whereas the rich one would say ‘’How can i afford that?’’
  • The book shows the differences between the assets and liabilities and how to get out of rat race quickly.
  • This is one of the best personal finance books which shows to build wealth you don’t have to be smart but you have to rectify how to behave with your money.
  • The book also mentions that it’s not difficult to become wealthy but staying wealthy is more difficult.
  • He also mentions the Power of Compounding in his book.
  • The book talks about three paths: The Road Side, The Slow Lane, The Fast Lane.
  • The book also mentions about the illusion of looking wealthy.
  • Also how money buys you time and that infact buys you your freedom.

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