Is D-Mart good for the long term?!? (1 Min Read)

  1. Business Model
  • India’s organised retail sector is just 15% of the total Retail sector so there is room for improvement.
  • Organised Sector is Stores like Big Bazaar, D-Mart and unorganised being Local Kirana Stores.
  • D-Mart buy From Suppliers at low Prices in Bulk Quantities and pass the benefit to customers in form of low prices.
  • They Believe in the philosophy that If the Quality of the product is good customers will come again.

2. Financials

  • D-Mart’s Sales, income, as well as profits, has been on a continuous rise for the past 5 years. Except for the pandemic year.
  • D-Mart like to own their properties rather than lease that is the reason why their tangible assets are on rising year on year.
  • Also, D-Mart is technically a debt-free company. There is No pledging of shares by its owners which shows the trust they are having in their own company.
  • There is no reduction in ownership by mutual fund companies, the foreign institutions for the past 3 Years.
  • Owners of the Company has the most weightage in Decisions of the company which is a very good thing.


  • D-mart is very good to buy at current levels of 3400-3420 levels which is the stock’s support levels & to be bought at every dip.
  • Annual Returns of 18-20% can be easily expected.

This is not a recommendation and is for educational purposes only.

There is a Detailed Review too for this Stock you can read it here.

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