Is IDFCfirst Bank the next hdfc bank

Is IDFC first bank is the next HDFC bank?? (1 Min Read)

Top Management

  • Mr. Vaidyanathan is the current CEO of IDFC first bank.
  • He has a lot of experience earlier with ICICI bank and he grew that bank from a small bank to the bank having 1400 branches and 25 million customers today.
  • Earliers IDFC was into Wholesale Business giving loans to corporates and development companies and then Mr. Vaidyanathan shifted to retail banking as it has more potential.


  • Total Assets have been on increase quarter after quarter (Pre-Covid)
  • Net Interest Margin i.e money earned in percentage after giving a loan to a customer deducted by giving return to the customer having money in form of f.d or other investments.
  • It has increased a to around 4.5% whihc is a lot even if compared to top private bank in India.
  • NPA’s have Decreased year after year.

At what Levels should we Buy?

  • It would be best to buy this near 40-45 levels.
  • This Stock has a very good potential to give around 14-18% Returns P.a.

This is for Educational Purposes only. Please consult your financial advisor before investing.

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Is IDFCBank the next HDFCbank?
Article Name
Is IDFCBank the next HDFCbank?
IDFC CEO Mr. Vaidyanathan has lots of experience and has build Indias topmost bank i.e. ICICI bank. Banks financials are looking very good as of now. Current Buying levels Are near 40.

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